Every exchange is, in a way, an adventure. It is a challenge for students to meet a new partner, to live with an unknown family for a few days, to have to speak and think in a language that is not their mother tongue. In short, a great deal of challenge.

For teachers, it means the effort of designing an activity that is costly in material terms and costly in the effort of trying to make everything fit together, that nothing is wrong. This exchange with our colleagues at Niftarlake College in Maarsen, Utrecht, the Netherlands, had the added effort of being an Erasmus+ KA229 joint project, our beloved project The Memory Chest.

Almost two very intense weeks have occupied us this exchange that has moved through Utrecht, Maarsen, Amsterdam, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz and Seville. Two weeks of immersing ourselves in the value and importance of cultural heritage, in its indelible footprint in our cities. In the importance of its preservation for future generations. But every beinning has an end. And now we need to fareweel our colleagues and to say them Vaarwel! See you soon! We hope to meet you again.

It is not a sad farewell because we are pleased with the work done and because we are sure that this friendship will continue in time.

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