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From lost to the river 

De perdidos al río is a Spanish expression that is difficult to translate; in general, we use it to indicate that when almost everything has gone wrong, we have to take risks, «throw ourselves headlong into the river».
Some years ago, Federico López Socasu and Ignacio Ochoa published a book titled From lost to the river that focuses on nonsense translations and that Spanish mania to believe that all, absolutely all, our expressions are translatable no matter how nonsensical they may be.

When this group of teachers from the IES Pintor Juan Lara, from El Puerto de Santa María (city located at the mouth of the Guadalete river) undertook in 2017 the adventure of their first Erasmus + KA1 we jumped head to head to the adventure, to the river, so we decided to dump on a blog our travel experience in the United Kingdom, and, coincidentally, all our destinations were cities with rivers: Cambridge, London… From the initial five adventurers in the United Kingdom in the 2016-17 academic year we have gone on to eight in the 2017-18 academic year, from just one destination we have gone on to many others, such as Belgium, Finland, Italy, Norway and, of course, the United Kingdom again, in 2018-19 there are nine teachers who «throw themselves headlong into the river» in different places in Europe. Surely everywhere we go there will be a river that reminds us that «De perdidos al río» or, as our blog states, From lost to the river…