The Memory Chest

An Erasmus+ KA 229 Project IES Pintor Juan Lara (Spain) and Niftarlake College (The Netherlands)

Pablo, six years old, mesmerized by a large mural in the Lisbon Metro

Preserving heritage is as important as preserving our own memories, it is part of building

«Words, sounds, smells, tastes…. whatever we think is precious to us, it can all enter the memory chest…»

Two weeks of intense work, two weeks of friendships that are forged forever, two weeks on the crossroads of two countries, two cultures, two ways of understanding life. Two nations united by a rather turbulent common past, with more common ground than one can imagine. This is The Memory Chest.

Sometimes, despite being protected, cultural heritage is left to its own fate. The lack of interest and the demotivation of citizens have an impact on the definitive decay and destruction of this heritage. Our project seeks to awaken students’ interest and mobilize their willingness to protect this heritage.
Meeting at Maarssen, Utrecht, March the 6th, 2019
Maarssen Utrecht, The Netherlands
Hugo Penning tells us everything about Rembrandt’s Night watch

Our project is focused in one simple idea: cultural heritage items are quite similar to our personal memories; time and oblivion are like a disease that devours our memories and the elements of our cultural heritage equally.

The former mayor of El Puerto de Santa María, Mr De la Encina, addresses the students of the project «The Memory Chest» on the occasion of the celebration of UNESCO Day.
Celebrating UNESCO Day at IES Pintor Juan Lara, March the 15th, 2019

Our students have had the opportunity to get to know first hand different companies that have managed to make an economic return on cultural heritage: Animarte, the animation company that offers theatrical tours in different locations in Cadiz and El Puerto de Santa Maria, or Belen Gonzalez, the manager of the Camera Obscura de la Torre Tavira.

Belen González, one of our external advisors on Heritage and preservation through sustainable business
More pictures of our external advisors: Animarte players on stage
Intangible Heritage is a part of our concerns
Our school’s choir singing at the Canterbury Cathedral. Recovering Hispanic American musical heritage in a World Heritage site

Handicrafts that are in danger of vanishing and that anchor us with our tradition, with our past, that make us what we are.

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